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Masterclass: The role of language in business

Language plays a complex and increasingly prominent role in business – but people often remain ignorant of its prominence. There might be two reasons for this ignorance. The first is that generally people assume that language is an invisible medium that has no active role in work or in the life of an organization. The second is that people undervalue the role of effective communication skills.

Pink socksA trainer colleague of mine often uses a pink and fluffy pair of socks as a visual metaphor to describe her clients’ approach to communication: something that can make people’s life more comfortable, but in essence it is unnecessary – and perhaps something that only women would own or use. The reality about the role and importance of communication in business cannot be further from this perception. In actual fact, communication is  one of the most prominent tools of completing work.

This is supported by facts, too: research reveals that soft skills, such as communication, teamwork and time management, are worth £88bn to the UK economy (and forecast to increase to £109bn in the next five years). Communication, in particular, has now become an ‘in-demand’ skill. It is essential not only for the effective functioning within a company, but for the organization’s success in today’s competitive markets.

In March I will give a  masterclass in which I will talk about the role language and communication play in business success. Through practical tasks and case studies I will expose why language and communication skills are the most important skills to possess today.

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