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Aston Aspires

Associate Lecturer: Preparing for Integrated Studies

Associate Lecturer: Preparing for Integrated Studies

Tammy Ball talks about her experiences at the Aston Aspires week.

“Last week was Reading Week at the university. Students are encouraged to use the week to their advantage by revising, reviewing, researching and……well, reading. The university also made available a range of sessions, workshops, webinars and other activities designed to “enhance your personal and professional development to give you a head start in the job market as well as your academic work”. This week was labeled Aston Aspires.

For Aston Aspires, I was asked to conduct three different sessions designed to provide real world examples from my business background and my experience as an employee, management consultant and professional life coach.

By the end of the week, I had conducted a total of six sessions and enjoyed the engagement and participation immensely!  The students who chose to attend were attentive, participative and actively seeking to learn about motivation, confidence and the type of communication skills employers really want from prospective employees.

I learned and observed many things during the six workshop sessions.
The participants were craving this type of soft skills content. How do I know? They told me and openly expressed a desire for more.  Another thing I found very intriguing was the number of students who stayed after for quick coaching sessions.

Overall the energy was positive and the content was very well received. I applaud the individuals and groups involved in the creation and design of Aston Aspires week. I have no idea how its success level will be determined or measured, but if asked my opinion, I will rate it highly and recommend this sort of offering continue.”